Important reasons to exercise

1. Studies have found that exercising on a regular basis will reduce your risk of dying early. Those over 50 years who jog for 20 minutes a day are known to live longer than those who don’t.

2. Your quality of life will be better as you’ll be fitter and more athletic, reduce shortness of breath and be able to get about when you’re much older. Being actively fit is all part of a healthy and happy life.

3. You strengthen your heart when you exercise and therefore reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke and heart disease. You will also be reducing the levels of bad cholesterol which is damaging to your heart.

4. Exercise will also help to keep the lungs healthy and improve your efficiency in breathing. Most people use a fraction of their lung capacity when they breath in.

5. Most women are at risk of osteoporosis as they get older. Exercise helps to increase the density of the bones and therefore reduce the risk of the disease and fractures.

6. Exercise helps individuals to maintain a desired weight or lose weight. With increasing numbers of obesity around the world, a healthy diet coupled with exercising on a regular basis can help those that are overweight.

7. Exercise can help a person to sleep better at night which helps to increase a person’s productivity and reduce fatigue. Not getting enough sleep on a daily basis is extremely damaging to a person’s health.

8. Regular exercise is known to reduce anxiety, depression and stress. Long periods of either of these three cause damage to the body, brain and cells.

9. The main reason people exercise is to tone their body, manage their weight and to look good. This helps to boost confidence and self-esteem in people as their appearance improves.

10. Regular exercise is not only good for your health, but it also helps to improve your sex life and sexual functioning. It can help reduce the incidence of sexual dysfunction and improves circulation which is beneficial for sex. Endurance, flexibility and strength, which are also linked to a healthy sex life, are also improved.

11. Exercise helps to keep the immune system strong which means the body is better at fighting colds, viruses, and at preventing diseases.

12. Exercise will help to keep a person’s skin clear, too. As circulation is improved, the distribution of oxygen, vitamins and nutrients are also improved, reducing the chances of pimples, blemishes and bad skin.

13. Exercise ensures that plenty of oxygen reaches the brain which is important in keeping brain cells active and healthy, ensuring improved cognitive function, getting rid of toxins and helping you to think quicker and clearer.

14. If you are a food lover, then exercise ensures that you will be able to eat more of the foods that you love as you’ll be burning calories and fat, and gaining muscles.


Sources: xinmsn lifestyle


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