Tips to remove your armpit fat

1. Improve your nutrition.
Food is the front line of the fat burning battle no matter where in your body you are storing fat. For ladies, these three tips help many of my clients get fast results.

a. Eat protein at every meal. This includes breakfast, and yes I mean meat. Cook it the night before and warm it up for breakfast if you are in a rush. A minimum of a playing card deck size of meat three to four times per day should do the trick.

b. Eat healthy fats in every meal. This means olive oil, fish oil (Omega-3s), macadamia nut oil, coconut oil, or butter. Flax oil is not such a good oil because it is often rancid, and is not well converted into usable forms in your body.

c. Get rid of all refined carbohydrates. No sugar, no bread, no pasta. Replace these with things that came directly from the ground and are unprocessed. Brown rice, quinoa, and sweet potatoes tend to be much better choices. If you are very overweight, even these may be too much. If that is the case, stick to veggies and perhaps one serving of fruit per day.

2. Improve your posture
Some of the arm pit fat effect is caused by a non-upright posture. Years of constantly being slouched over a computer, car steering wheel, or desk will often result in a hunch back posture that emphasizes arm pit fat.

To work on this, do stretches for your hip flexors, and pectoral muscles. In addition when you do exercise, avoid long distance cardio which encourages a slouched posture. Instead do strength training for the weak muscles of your upper back, and hips which will improve your posture.

3. Finally if you have an imbalance in your hormones which results in you having overly-feminine hormone balances, this can result in your body storing fat in a female fat storage pattern. i.e. more fat on the chest and buttocks/thighs. Certain nutrients can improve this situation on a hormonal level. The most basic and easily found one is zinc. Zinc reduces the risk of your female hormones going overboard, and it is sorely lacking in most people’s diets.

a. When looking for a zinc supplement, look for those that end with an “-ate” in the contents. For example Zinc Orot-“ate” or Zinc Aspart-“ate”. These are the better quality, and more absorbable forms of zinc.

So there we have it. Get rid of bad foods, do the right stretches and training, and get yourself a zinc supplement.


Source: xinmsn lifestyle

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