Tips to burn unwanted fat.

Getting rid of the unsightly extra fat that we have is the main reason workout and most people will know that it can be hard to shift. You need to make sure you burn more than you put into your body and that means burning those pesky calories and putting a lot of effort in. You also need to be exercising at least three times a week and for between 20 minutes to an hour. Read on to find out our list of the best fat burning tips and exercises.

Interval training is one of the best workouts for blasting away the fat. Whatever exercise you do, make sure that you work-out at your maximum for a minute and then workout at a slower pace for a couple. Keep doing this for as long as possible as it is all about getting your heart rate up and then at resting pace again.

Make sure that you are breathing properly when you exercise as the fat that we want to get rid of needs oxygen to actually burn. Making sure that you are taken deep breaths will ensure more oxygen is carried around the body by the blood, and most importantly the fat and muscles. Lighter and longer exercises are therefore best when it comes to burning fat.

A spinning class is a great way to burn fat and the amount of calories which can be burned varies a lot as the intensity varies greatly. It’s an intense physical workout that helps to develop muscles to burn fat. For many it’s the ultimate calorie burner. You’ll also be adding resistance to the legs and detoxing from all the sweat as it’s done in a heated room.

If you want to get the maximum out of your cardio workout, do 10-15 minutes of strength training beforehand because the body takes that long to warm up before it actually burns any fat. Rather than burning fat for the last 10-15 minutes of your cardio, burn it for the entire session with a proper warm up.

If you are wanting to tone muscles and burn fat, then resistance training is great for this, as it is strength building exercises that build the muscles using resistance and the more muscles, the more fat you burn. Dumbbells or water aerobics are example of resistance training and is best when alternated with aerobic exercise in a workout regime.

Its important to keep increasing the intensity of your workout if you want to consistently burn the extra fat. You will find that you reach a plateau where you aren’t burning more fat if you don’t as your body will have got use to the demands. By increasing the intensity, your body will have to be constantly challenging itself, working harder and burning more fat.

Kickboxing is a great way to tone up and burn fat which requires cardio and resistance training as many classes will offer strength exercises. You can increase the level of intensity too which, as we have seen, is essential.

Elliptical machines are a great way to do an aerobic activity, while having some resistance, especially as the machine has moving arms. It will give the body an allover workout, protect the joints, allows you to breath deeply to get plenty of oxygen to the fat and muscles and burns plenty of calories.

Exercise in the morning when you have an empty stomach. That way the body will have to get energy from fat that is stored, rather than what you have eaten that day. If you don’t think you’ll have enough energy or won’t work out for as long, then grab a banana and eat it 15 minutes before you exercise to give you a blast of energy.

To tone that stomach, do 10 slow crunches rather than 20 fast ones, as more is less in this case as you are likely to use momentum rather than your muscles. Take your time over crunches rather than race through them to get them out the way. You’ll use a better form which will work the right muscles and more muscle means more fat burned.

Make sure that you don’t forget about your back, as although you can’t see it, you will have fat deposits there too. A rowing machine will work the muscles in the back toning them and encouraging the fat burning process because when you pull something, the upper back muscles are used. Make sure you are sitting straight and breathing deeply.

Source: xinmsn lifestyle

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