Allow Your Eyes to Rest

1. Stop staring at your computer screen

A healthy tear production is required to keep our eyes moist, said Raymund Song, senior professional service manager of Bausch+Lomb. However, the environment and lifestyle factors, such as those mentioned above, can alter the quality and the quantity of tears.

Among the various factors, the eye experts said that spending long hours doing near work – staring at the computer screens, watching flickering images at close range on a tiny screen, et cetera – is probably the main culprit for dry eyes.

Song explained: “When we’re doing near work, there is a tendency for our eyes to blink less. This results in tears evaporating away, which causes our eyes to feel dry.”

Age is another factor – the older we get, the less tears we produce and drier our eyes become.

2. Lubricate your eyes regularly

Dr Lee advises to “moisture” their eyes whenever they are red or starting to feel tired, scratchy, or itchy.

“Many people feel that using lubricant eye drops is a ‘treatment’. This is a misconception. After all, many people also use moisturiser on their hands and face daily. You should treat your eyes like your skin,” he said.

3. Tips to keep your eyes well-lubricated

According to Raymund Song, the pH of healthy tears lies within the range of 7.3 to 7.7. Pure water has a pH of 7. Maintaining a healthy tear production can help keep dry eyes at bay.

– Have a balance diet and keep yourself well-hydrated.

– Seek medical advice from a doctor to get to the root of your dry eye problem.

– If you wear make-up, avoid having them enter your eyes. Certain oil-based cosmetics can irritate the eye, especially if you are wearing contact lenses.

– Contact lens wearers should clean their lenses properly with an appropriate lens care solution, and follow the recommended wearing hours advised by their optometrist.

– Keep those blasts of air – from the fan, air-conditioning – away from your eyes.

– Don’t forget to blink. Take eye breaks from long periods of reading or working on the computer.

Source: xinmsn lifestyle

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