Health Article: Think twice before you share your make up with others

1. Brushes that you use to carry not only will contain dead skin particles, but also bacteria and germs, such as dermatitis, which are then transferred from one person to the next.

2. Someone that has or has had an infected lip or eye can easily pass that infection to someone, especially as those areas are sensitive and delicate. Infections and germs flourish in the lip and eye product containers such as mascara and lip gloss and it’s more risky as you’re coming in contact with body fluids.

3. Customers at cosmetic counters who opt for a free makeup demonstration or try a product also put themselves at risk and may leave with more then they bargain for. Without certain health precautions in place, strangers are unwittingly sharing cosmetics with plenty of others, exposing themselves to all sorts.

4. Oral herpes which can be passed by sharing lip makeup applicators, can reoccur time and time again because once the initial infection clears up, the virus remains inactive in the body. Anything from stress, the common cold or sunlight can trigger it. While there are no long term effects, the virus will remain with you forever and can spread to the eyes, fingers and genital.

5. Conjunctivitis is also something which is easily spread through mascaras, eye liners and other eye products. It’s an irritating inflammation of the membrane around the eye and under the lids which can be sore and cause discomfort. It will usually take a course of antibiotics to clear it.

6. mpetigo is another skin infection which can be passed through shared makeup. It causes red sores on the area which is infected which looks like a rash. Although it can be easy to treat and isn’t dangerous, in can in some instances lead to rare but grave repercussions such as kidney inflammation, infection in the tissue under the skin which can get into the blood stream and MRSA according to the Mayo Clinic.

7. Many products contain preservatives to kill some common bacteria on the makeup, however, as soon as makeup is opened, bacteria surges in. In products that you have had for a long time, the power of the preservatives will diminish. Try to throw away and replace old products. For example, liquid foundation will last three to six months and mascara will only last for three months.

8. If you do need to share your brushes and applicators for whatever reason, make sure that you wash them afterwards to reduce the risk of infections – they should really washed on a monthly basis anyway.

Source: xinmsn lifestyle



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